Proposal Phase

image of hand holding proposal document

During the proposal phase of the Project Management Life Cycle, business requirements are outlined and solution(s) that best solve the business need and objectives are proposed. The proposed solution, including the scope, an estimate of required resources, milestones and major activities, assumptions, risks and exclusions, project governance (including designated project manager), is documented in the ‘Project Proposal and Charter.’

Once approved, the project is authorized and the planning phase is initiated. The estimated effort for the proposal phase is less than 120 staff hours.

Key Participants

  • Process initiator (UIS/BDOG/functional lead)
  • Functional owner/requestor


  • Proposal and Charter
    • Business needs and objectives
    • Business requirements – unless documented separately
    • Proposed solution overview, including scope, assumptions, constraints, risks and modifications or additions
    • Project organization, including required project resources and major activities
    • Initial budget requirements and funding source identification
    • Business case, cost/benefit analysis
    • Preliminary security review
  • Contract terms and conditions – if required
  • Business requirements – may be included in ‘Proposal and Charter,’ in lieu of a separate document


  • Identify and engage stakeholders
  • Develop the proposal
  • Preliminary UIS security/compliance review
  • Gather contract terms and conditions
  • Begin business requirements gathering
  • Develop project charter